Detroit Chic Live For The Essence Festival

Detroit Chic Live at the Essence Festival

Being a fashion designer is no easy task… there is a lot of hard work that goes into it. One of the most amazing things that can happen to a fashion designer is being able to showcase their clothing line in a celebrity fashion showcase.

And that is exactly what has happened for Detroit Chic!

The hot, new fashion designer, Dana Harris,  creator of Detroit Chic, will be showing off her fresh clothing line at an exclusive celebrity fashion show extravaganza for the 2016 Essence Festival this year!

Yes, celebrities and participants of the Essence Festival will be able to see the love and creative designs that are absolutely stunning!

Dana is one of the hottest underground designers in the country. Now she is expanding her clothing empire.  With the demands for her Detroit Chic designs, she is now bringing this edgy, hot gear to the surface for the 2016 Essence Festival.

Along with the popular line Detroit Chic, Dana will release a new line, affectionately called “NOLA Chic” at her Celebrity Fashion Show premiere in The Big Easy, New Orleans, for the Essence Fest.

What makes this line special is that it will be a commemorative line for the city of New Orleans…a city that has gone thru extreme adversity but has managed to overcome and is now one of the best places to live.

The NOLA Chic commemorative line was created to honor the strength of the dozens of women leaders who continue to make New Orleans great…

Women like Laverne Saulny, Toni E. Rice, Uptown Angela, Mary LandrieuAubrey Harris, to name a few.

Detroit Chic is excited to nominate these women for their first DETROIT CHIC WOMAN OF EXCELLENCE AWARD. An award that honors women in the trenches of inner city communities working hard for change.

#NOLA Woman of Excellence Award

Make sure you’re at the Detroit Chic Fashion Extravaganza during the Essence Festival this year! You’ll be able to say you got to see firsthand a superb fashion show with unique, customized clothing designs and a fashion designer out of Detroit, MI on the rise!

Celebrity Venue:
Legends Food & Spirits – Courtyard
2501 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA
(504) 609-3660


~Team Detroit Chic

Because of your support, we’re able to dream a little bigger…

Thank you for helping us grow, change, achieve & succeed!

Continue to follow our amazing journey. Now is our time.

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~Dana & Kiki

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