Models Wanted For #NOLA Essence Festival

Detroit Chic Live at the #NOLA Essence FestivalThink you have what it takes to be the perfect DETROIT CHIC model? Get ready for Detroit Chic’s Celebrity Fashion Extravaganza in New Orleans for the Essence Festival.  Detroit Chic will prepare to rock the runway #DetroitChic Style but will give the people of New Orleans a creative twist.

Skill, imaginative, eye catching, bold and unique creativity!

Anyone that looks for these things in fashion definitely needs to find themselves at the Detroit Chic Celebrity Fashion Show premiering at the Essence Festival in New Orleans! That’s right… Detroit Chic will have its very own fashion show at the extremely popular Essence Festival! At this event, celebrities and people across the globe will be able to see the amazing designs and artistic work that has been done by Dana Harris, Owner of Detroit Chic.

This emerging designer is ready to showcase her trendy, new clothing line – #NOLA CHIC – and show people just how far her dreams have taken her and where she intends to be in the future!


Send your inquiries to with the Subject line: “Essence Festival” or send a message via our contact page.

Get ready to slay the runway!

~Team Detroit Chic

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