The Detroit Chic Collection is the latest clothing line by Fashion Designer Dana Harris. It was inspired for those that celebrate and have a passion for the City of Detroit. The collection consists primarily of custom-made T-shirts — no 2 shirts are alike. Other specialty items included in the collection are: purses, hats, shoes, boots and practically any clothing item that can be embellished. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, designed for women, men & children, the collection is in very high demand throughout the city of Detroit, expected to globally expand in the near future.

Special orders have been filled for the hometown men and women that represent our fair city, who are now living in various locations throughout the country – some as far as Afghanistan. Dana continues to welcome special orders for groups, special occasions and events. She’s currently designing a “Detroit Chic Holiday Collection”.

If you would like more information about Dana’s unique designs or would like to be personally styled by Dana, please contact us at Creative House of International Clothing (313) 826-4531.

Who are we?

Why we sell the items we sell?

  • Fashion Designer, Dana Harris, has been designing clothes and other items from the time her mother put a needle and thread in her hand at a young age. She coupled her talent of designing clothes with her passion for all things Detroit and Viola!…the Detroit Chic Collection was birthed.

Where are we located?

  • 26553 Grand River, Redford, Michigan 48024

How long have we been in business?

  • Since February 2014

Who are the people on Detroit Chic’s team?

  • Dana Harris, Fashion Designer
  •  Kiki Kerr, CMO

Contact information:

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